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If you’re looking to make money online, you’ve certainly thought about being influential. My recommendation is that you go for the most popular platforms, so you might be interested in knowing how to make money on Tik Tok. It is true that to be influential you need a large number of followers, but that is not the only way to market on Tik Tok.

Read on to find out how many followers you need to have on Tik Tok to get paid, but also what options you have if you are not an influencer. In addition, you need to learn how to create good content for Tik Tok.

How many followers must you have at Tik Tok to get paid?

On most social networks you must have more than 10,000 followers to be considered an influencer; fortunately, on Tik Tok you can start getting paid with only 1,000 followers. I’m not talking about collaborations with brands, but to start making money directly from the platform.

With more than 1,000 followers you can broadcast live, and users will be able to use their virtual coins (which have a different value over time) to send you gifts such as emojis and diamonds. These points can be redeemed at Paypal when you reach the minimum of $100.

Other options to earn money at Tik Tok

Live broadcasts do not have an estimate of how much you can earn, as it will depend solely on the generosity of your followers. Therefore, it is better to look for more direct alternatives. So, if you still don’t reach the minimum number of followers, you may be wondering what other options are there to make money at Tik Tok? And I have the answer:

Brand associations

The best way to make money at Tik Tok with few followers is to look for sponsors because, instead of valuing the number of followers, they value the hearts and comments that your publications get. As the platform is still recent, most brands are not positioned and are looking for popular tiktokers.

The important thing is that your audience matches the brand’s audience, that they have the same tone and interests. Also, make sure your videos remain authentic and you can talk naturally about the product you are showing. Bad influencer marketing will not only be unprofitable for the brand, but can also cause your followers to leave.

However, we don’t have an estimate of how much you can earn with a sponsored video on Tik Tok. What we do know is that brands usually pay $100 for every 10,000 followers. On the other hand, many brands also pay for you to attend an event and represent them at TikTok.


The most direct option to earn money with Tik Tok does not depend on the number of followers, but on the support they offer you. All you have to do is turn your image into a brand, open a Shopify type e-shop and offer something exclusive. You can promote all kinds of merchandise, from t-shirts to handcrafted products.

And not only can you sell your own products, if you don’t want too many complications, you can also implement affiliate marketing. It’s as simple as recommending a third party product to your followers and including a link to go buy it, taking a commission. To make it more attractive you can offer discount coupons.

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