There is an opinion that summer holidays abroad on the warm sea coast are very expensive and therefore unavailable for many of us. However, this is not always true.

Here are some tips on how to go on vacation to foreign resorts, saving money, but without losing the quality and comfort of your holiday:

  • The first thing that will help to save your finances is a holiday not during the high season. That is, planning your holiday at the beach resort, it is better to focus on the beginning or end of the season. Typically, these are months such as May, early June and September, and early October. The heat in these months is not fully felt, the water is warm for bathing, and prices are significantly different from July and August. And if you don’t want to go swimming in the sea, if you like to go sightseeing and swim in the pool, then the cheapest holiday, for example, in countries such as Turkey or Bulgaria, lasts from October to April. The most fashionable hotels at this time provide such discounts that become affordable for many who could not afford such a vacation in the summer.
  • Another way to spend less on holiday is to choose a catering system like “all inclusive”. It should be noted that this advice applies more to Turkey and Bulgaria, where this type of food is most common. Initially it seems that, buying a tour with all-inclusive meals, you overpay, because the rest, which includes only breakfast and dinner, cheaper. However, this is just a seeming economy.
  • Another great way to save money is to use an early booking or buy a burning tour. Some operators offer to buy early booking tours almost before the end of the summer season. You can learn about such offers by contacting our office.
  • Bold tourists can save on vacation by using the system of “fortune”. The advantage of this system is that you buy a tour 10-15% cheaper than it actually costs. The essence of “Fortune” is that the tourist will know your hotel only a couple of days before departure, or even just at the airport.
  • Also when planning your vacation, you should take into account the fact that it is more expensive to travel alone. A single room is always more expensive than a double room and the more so a triple room.

Budget holiday in Bulgaria. As for the cheapness of rest, Bulgaria is considered one of the cheapest countries in the EU. The most economical resort in Bulgaria is Sunny Beach. It is one of the largest and most popular resorts. The beach in Sunny Beach resort is fine sandy with yellow sand and a gentle entrance to the sea, stretches for 8 km long and 40 meters wide.

In addition, there is a bay and high sand dunes, so the sea is almost without waves, very calm and warm. Today Sunny Beach has over a hundred hotels surrounded by greenery, shady parks and gardens. The resort also has three camping sites, numerous villas, cottages and pensions.

Budget holiday in Montenegro. Montenegro is a beautiful piece of land, rich in natural and historical sights. Lakes of amazing beauty, ancient castles, clean sea and friendly population – all this Montenegro. Cheap tours to Montenegro are another argument for visiting this country.

Montenegro is an excellent choice, because here you can choose to stay, based on your financial means and preferences. Montenegro is not inferior to leading European resorts in terms of service level.

Budget holiday in Turkey. Holidays in Turkey can be economical and all this is quite high quality. One of the important criteria when choosing an economical holiday is to choose the right resort.

In Turkey, one of the most budget regions is Alanya, rightly called one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey. The inexpensive cost of rest here is due to the significant distance from the airport, about 120 kilometers. Therefore, the shuttle service from Antalya Airport lasts about two hours, but the road that goes by the sea is very picturesque and therefore tiresome.

Budget holiday in Spain. Holidays in Spain – sea and ocean coasts, a rich sightseeing program. Located at the junction of Europe and Africa, Spain is famous for its ancient monuments and artistic masterpieces, a wealth of cultural and historical traditions, as well as an unprecedented geographical diversity of recreation areas.

Sometimes this country is called “the best European museum surrounded by the best European resorts”. But even in this, at first glance, expensive country, there are places that surprise with their prices.

The most economical coastal area in Spain is the Costa Brava. Costa Brava is a link in the golden chain of resorts on the Spanish coast. With its mild and sunny climate and beautiful beaches, the Costa Brava remains one of the most popular resorts in Europe. It is known for its ancient towns, traditional Spanish songs and dances, colourful and vibrant markets and the sincere hospitality of the locals.

Budget holiday in Italy. Holidays in Italy is a trip that can serve a variety of purposes: thanks to a rich culture, rooted in antiquity, a wonderful mild climate, many beaches and resorts, the identity of Italian cuisine. Italy is an ideal place both for informative trips and for beach rest.

Budget holiday in Greece. For an economical holiday in Greece is best suited peninsula of Halkidiki, which is shaped like a trident. His “fingers” are Cassandra, Sithonia and Athos. The peninsula is washed by the waters of the Aegean Sea. Unlike the island of Greece, Halkidiki is buried in bright greenery even in high summer. The climate is dry throughout the summer, so the heat is very easy to bear.

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