What have you been doing for your safety on the road?

When you travel are you always on the lookout? Do you talk on your cell phone while walking on the street? Do you carry all your money in your wallet? Did you know that in many tourist destinations there are people who know the behavior of tourists, and know how to identify those who are more careful, the distracted? Without knowing it, you may be having attitudes during your trips that compromise your safety.

Read on to find out what these attitudes are and how to avoid them:

Walking distracted taking pictures

The city is so new, the streets have so many interesting details, the smells and colors of that market steal your attention. In this you have not noticed the approach of strange people who can steal your camera, or even open your bag without you noticing.

Even traveling with a companion it’s easy to be distracted and neglect the security. Always be aware of what is happening around you, even in rich countries. If you’re traveling alone, view the scene you want to shoot and just take your phone or camera when you click. Then put it back.

Wear expensive clothes and accessories

Branded bags and watches may fit very well in your travel photos, but they are a bad idea from a safety point of view. They make you a prime target for malicious intent, as they seek valuables to steal.
Draw less attention to yourself: wear discreet clothing and accessories that don’t look too expensive. When answering the phone, or using some other expensive electronics, do it inside a restaurant or other reserved place.

Leave your belongings alone

A few minutes your luggage alone may be enough for an experienced thief to remove some valuables or, what may be even worse, put some prohibited product through airport security.
Never step away from your bag, not even for a few minutes, especially in places with a high concentration of people.

In taxis, if you need to go down to ask for some information, and it is unfeasible to take all your luggage with you, at least have the documents and the most valuable items with you. There are reports of tourists who went down to ask for the price of a hotel, and the taxi driver ran away with all the luggage.

Do not inform yourself before going out for a walk

The desire to explore the city and be surprised by the unexpected can lead some tourists to walk around the city without knowing exactly which parts they are entering. If on the one hand the activity is really interesting, on the other hand you risk going through places that are known to be unsafe, where urban violence is common.

This situation is easily avoided if, before leaving to explore the new destination, you ask the hotel receptionist where you are staying which are the regions where it is safe to walk, and if there is any time when it becomes unsafe. To better organize yourself, check out 6 essential applications for you to travel.

Carry a lot of cash

Cash may be the cheapest way to take money abroad, but it is also the least secure. Unlike credit cards or travel money (prepaid cards), in case of theft or loss you will not be able to recover the lost amount. The best way to protect yourself when carrying large amounts is not to keep the whole amount in one place.

Distribute in different bags, and when going out for a walk, always leave money in the hotel. That way, in case something happens you probably won’t lose all the value. Also, avoid counting money in public places. Leave change for small payments separate from large bills and, if you need to handle them, go to a safe place, either inside a shop or a bathroom.