We would like to share with you useful cruise preparation brushes as well as tricks of experienced travelers. This will be especially useful for first-time cruisers, as you will have to make a journey with stops in different cities, countries or even different continents.

What to take with you on a cruise? How do I pack my things correctly?

  • I carry all my stuff with me.

Before the long-awaited cruise you will most likely be waiting for a flight and a mandatory check-in procedure on board, during which your suitcase will be picked up and delivered to your cabin a few hours later. To avoid any discomfort, put what you may need in your hand luggage during the first hours on board. If you want to visit the water park immediately or if you want to lie down for a rest, everything you need is at hand.

  • There aren’t many documents.

Bring digital and paper copies of your driver’s licence and passport with you on your cruise. You probably won’t need them, but knowing that you have them brings peace of mind. Besides, in any unforeseen situation, it can play into your hands.

  • Take a thermo mug.

The basic tariff of almost any cruise company suggests hot drinks, such as tea and coffee on the buffet. However, it is not always convenient to go for a cup of tea every time. Take a small thermo mug with you, which will allow you to enjoy a hot beverage for a long time. A particularly topical tip during a trip in the cold season will be.

  • Don’t forget the earplugs.

It is not always possible to stay on the liner in peace and quiet, especially if your cabin is located near a nightclub or just near noisy neighbors. To avoid discomfort, take your earplugs with you – a good night’s sleep is guaranteed.

  • The important thing is that the suit sits

For safety reasons, you cannot bring an iron on board, so you can either dry-clean your belongings after the trip in your suitcase or do the following: take the necessary wardrobe item with you to the bath, under the influence of steam the item will straighten and look much tidier. And in order not to wrinkle the collar of the shirt, just put a rolled belt in it.

  • Fold your stuff up with rollers.

Perhaps this trick is applicable not only to cruises, but also to travel in principle. Laying things, it is better not to fold them, and rolled up in rollers. Thus, they will not remember so much and take less space in the suitcase, but there will be free space for souvenirs and memorable little things from the trip. This life pack has been tested by our cruise experts and myself, so take it!

  • We only take the essentials.

Certainly, the comfortable volume of things for your vacation is determined by everyone for himself, but here is a list of those things that are definitely not worth taking: towels (they will be waiting for you in the cabin), toiletries (shampoo and air conditioning), hair dryer, iron (for safety reasons, cruise companies do not allow it to carry on the liner).

  • No unpleasant stories.

Unfortunately, it happens to everyone that the lids of cosmetics do not close to the end, which can see things out of the suitcase in the soap bubbles and leak shampoo. To avoid such unpleasant stories, use our trick: place a small piece of ordinary food film between the lid and the liquid bottle itself, so it will be more securely closed.

  • It’s time to warm up.

I want to believe in favorable forecasts of forecasters, promising you a 30-degree heat throughout the cruise. However, they hardly meant the temperature in the heart of the ocean. And there, believe me, it can be windy and cold.

So don’t forget a warm sweater or at least a windbreaker so you don’t have to hide in the corners from real life on the open deck. If you take a warm scarf or shawl in your luggage and don’t want them to crumple, you can wrap them around a cardboard cylinder from paper towels.

  • Picture of your favorite‚Ķ suitcase.

Unfortunately, it happens in life that a suitcase can get lost and sometimes it is difficult to describe its appearance to airport staff. Therefore, it is easier to take a picture of it in advance and have it always with you in your smartphone. By the way, if your new friends will show you a photo of your baby in your phone, show them a photo of your suitcase. And enjoy the reaction.

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