Seeing our society from the past centuries as much as the present, it is significantly noticeable that there are numerous developments that occurred. As a result of these developments, life has actually become complicated. As a result of issue, individuals have actually forgotten the troubles brought about by developments as a result of the glittering silver and gold that meant advancements provide.

Among the troubles that have been ignored for the past decades are the ecological troubles which are becoming worse as the years passed by. Numerous ecological problems which we are facing right now are the results of farming negligences because of illiteracy.

Amongst the ecological troubles is the continuous destruction of the dirt as a result of too much use of inorganic plant foods which has resulted to dirt the inability to conceive. An evidence to justify this truth is the progressive extinction of wild plants which remained in the past, just grow from the dirt without human interventions. An additional trouble is the contamination of the water resource and also air because of extreme use of pesticides and other chemicals which are being made use of to spray the plants.

As a result, clean water are coming to be minimal which additionally contribute to the spread of contagious conditions. One point extra, is the enhancing number of bugs and conditions to both plants and also pets and also human beings. Due to all these problems, some individuals from the agricultural industry suggest natural agriculture believing that this would at least lessen these issues.

Organic agriculture is a holistic production monitoring that inhibits using synthetic pesticides, plant foods and also genetically changed organisms. Purposively, it would certainly contribute to the lessening of air dirt and also water air pollutions, and also makes best use of the health and wellness of the synergistic communities of plants pets and also people. This means that there should be an equilibrium in the setting whereby none of these living microorganisms would out number the various other.

This is due to the fact that with organic agriculture, the lives of the valuable micro-organisms are maintained to prevent the growing of insects as well as illness that ruin the said synergistic communities. They are called synergistic neighborhoods because as the word “synergistic” indicate, plants, animals and human beings count on each other in order to survive. Plants emit oxygen and food to humans and animals. On the other hand, pets as well as humans produce carbon dioxide as well as waste items for the plants to use in food handling or photosynthesis.

An additional thing to be regarded is the equilibrium number of victims and also killers in the atmosphere. In other words the food web cycle must not be interrupted since if that will happen there’ll be a dominance of one population which results to food deficiency for the various other populace. For example, if the farmers continually use synthetic pesticides, little organisms will be killed which results to expanding number of pests since nothing else organisms that would certainly consume them. As a result of this, plants that work as the food for humans and also animals will be ruined by these parasites. That is why natural agriculture is stated to be the service for food deficiency in the future to come.

For natural agriculture to come in truth, farmers must be educated concerning the correct methods in agriculture. Actually, in the Philippines, there are particular radio programs and also tv programs allotted for the promo of organic agriculture. Other than that, seminars are additionally carried out by experts in agriculture. There are additionally cooperatives that are being established to deal with the requirements and resolve the issues of the farmers.

Besides that are the different federal government programs that are implemented to different regions of the nation. Yet most significantly is the participating initiative among the sectors in the culture in advertising as well as sustaining the application of organic agriculture practices. Amongst the fields in the society that should put in more effort is the education industry with the facilitation of universities particularly with State colleges or any kind of university that offers agricultural programs.

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