Family travel is one of the coolest and most rewarding experiences for travel lovers. It is an opportunity to have fun and create memories that will stay forever in the heart of everyone involved.

If you are planning to travel with children and still don’t know which destinations and attractions to choose for you and the kids, you can rest assured! Brazil is a paradise for all kinds of travelers and there are plenty of great places to travel with your family.

After you check this list with the best destinations to travel with family with children, your next vacation will be even more unforgettable!

1. Beto Carrero World

The largest theme park in Latin America is located in the city of Penha, on the Santa Catarina coast. To get there, you can take a flight to Joinville and then on to Penha (it’s about 70 km). With several theme areas and several toys for the whole family, the park is a very fun option to enjoy holidays with your children.

To clarify your questions about restrictions for certain toys (such as age or height), you can contact the park directly via online chat on the website or by calling.

2. Beach Park

One of the largest and most famous water parks in Brazil is located in Fortaleza. The Beach Park has toys and attractions for all tastes and ages, from the most peaceful to the most radical. Want an example? Insano is pure adrenaline: it is a 41 m high waterslide, one of the fastest and most radical in the world!

To enjoy Beach Park, you can guarantee your lodging in Fortaleza even and spend only the day enjoying the structure of the park. But if you want to stay longer there, you can stay at the complex itself. There are lifeguards in the park to ensure the safety of visitors, and the toys have specific rules so that everything goes well.

3. Monica Park

You want another theme park tip? We do! Mônica’s Park is in São Paulo and enchants adults and children. The iconic characters of Maurício de Sousa were (and still are) part of the childhood of most Brazilian children, and it will be impossible not to enter the atmosphere of Rua do Limoeiro when seeing the characters live.

The toys are fun and themed, and the gang is walking through the park, ready to take pictures with the little ones (and with the big ones too, why not?). It’s worth checking the restrictions of each toy on the site, but they are also marked on the site. To rest after a day of tours and games, accommodation is guaranteed!

4. Hopi Hari

One of the most famous parks in Brazil and Latin America is located in Vinhedo (SP). Hopi Hari is a guarantee of fun for family travelers, with attractions for all ages and a wide variety of toys available. And, for those traveling with babies, the place still has in its infrastructure diapers, cribs and microwave. A lot of tranquility and comfort for parents and children!

5. Hot Park

Have you ever thought about enjoying a thermal and naturally warm water aquatic park? It’s like this in the Hot Park, located in the small town of Rio Quente, next to Caldas Novas (GO). The park is part of a resort that has several attractions for adults and children, such as Parque das Fontes, artificial beaches, whirlpool… And, of course, a lot of excitement and adventure in Hot Park toys! You and your family will certainly love relaxing in the thermal waters.

6. Olímpia

Did you like the hot springs tip? Then your family needs to travel to Olimpia, in the countryside of São Paulo! There are two thermal water parks located there: Thermas dos Laranjais and Hot Beach Olímpia. Thermas dos Laranjais has a swimming pool, hydromassage, children’s pool, mum’s pantry and much more. Hot Beach Olímpia has swimming pools with waterslides, white sand beach, surf school, among other attractions.

7. Praia do Forte

Did you go on a family beach trip? Praia do Forte, in Bahia, is a wonderful option to travel with children. Quiet beach, with calm waters, good for swimming and refreshing yourself safely.

There are also children’s playgrounds and restaurants, allowing the children to play and the family to enjoy with a lot of comfort. At Praia do Forte there is also a unit of the Tamar Project, which aims at the care and preservation of sea turtles. A great opportunity to teach children the responsibility of taking care of nature.

8. Maragogi

Another paradisiacal destination to enjoy with family: Maragogi is a mandatory stop for those who love beach and nature! Besides the indescribable sea, swimming in the natural pools can be a lot of fun for the little ones, who will be able to get in touch with the fish and the local fauna. Another excellent opportunity to make children aware of the importance of taking care of nature from an early age.

9. Gramado

Gramado is a very democratic city, nice for solo, couple or family trips. With the little ones, the tip is to visit The Chocolate Kingdom, a place totally dedicated to one of Gramado’s main delights. We are sure that the children (and adults!) will love it and, of course, want to taste the chocolates. Mini Mundo and Snowland are also super valid attractions to check with the little ones.

To enjoy the afternoon, take the pedal on Lago Negro. And if there is time left to stretch out to Canela (a city very close to Gramado), be sure to visit Parque do Caracol and Mundo a Vapor.

10. São Paulo

Of course, the biggest metropolis in Brazil couldn’t be left out! São Paulo by itself is a city worth knowing and exploring, with a multitude of attractions for all ages. For a cultural list, take the kids to visit iconic places like MASP and the Portuguese Language Museum. The Football Museum is also another cool tip, especially if the little ones are already passionate about the sport.

You can already see that there are many places to travel with children that promise incredible moments with the family, right?

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